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We’re all eagerly looking forwards to the lockdown restrictions being lifted somewhat in April and are busy now booking our favourite sites to re-visit or searching the net for new ares and sites to visit and explore this year – at last..

Now is the perfect time to think about using a Travel Journal to start keeping a record of our travels and adventures and our Journals make for a great gift for the ‘camper’ in your life.

We have 4 Journals for you to choose from: our ever popular Caravan, either the original or our NEW Second Edition that has a more ‘grown up’ feel to it a Motorhome and a Camping Journal.  I can also gift-wrap your choice of Journal too – see my gift wrapping page and why not add a bookmark too?

‘Gifting taken care of’

We are delighted to be able to present to you our dedicated Travel Journals created and produced by myself. Come on in and take a look at what we have to offer…
How it Started:
My husband and I started caravanning nearly 30 years ago. Since that first day I had always been on the lookout for a dedicated caravan journal in which to record our travels. I never found the kind of journal that I wanted, a journal  that would inspire me to write about our travels and adventures, so, I decided to create my own, and here they are. I do hope you like them.
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Why keep a travel journal?

Do you ever forget about the places you’ve visited, the things you did and the sights you saw?
A travel journal lets you preserve those special moments that can all too soon be forgotten.
Things like the places you visited, the funny things the kids said and did, treasures you found on the beach, the taste of the delicious food you shared with loved ones, the warmth of the sun on your skin – or just how good it  felt to be alive?
Having a travel journal will inspire and encourage you to write about your travels and becomes a personal memento of your adventures with family and friends.
Your time away is very precious,  you are creating one-off, unique and amazing memories, so why not write about them and make them live forever? A few words can capture so much more than any camera.

Why choose a Leisure Logs Journal?

I wanted our journals to be practical, so I made them A5 in size that fits easily into a drawer, or cupboard so is always to hand. It is printed on high-quality paper and the card cover is laminated  – long-lasting and wipe-clean to retain its good looks.
To date we have three journals to choose from, our beloved Caravan  Motorhome and Camping Journals. 
Kids love them and they make great gifts. I’ve been asked by so many as to why I didn’t produce them years ago!
Why not complement your Journal with a matching bookmark and have your gift wrapped in our bespoke exclusive gift wrapping.


Although our journals are not specifically intended for children, due to the reference to alcohol in a small number of illustrations, please see our note below, a lot of our customers have purchased them for their youngsters and we are super pleased they have as a travel journal is a great way to encourage children to engage their imagination and write about their own adventures in their own words. A journal will enable them to take the irreplaceable memories of growing up with them, right into adulthood.  

  •  Please note –  the journals do contain references to alcoholic beverages, albeit in a humorous way. We understand that most children who accompany their parents or grandparents on caravan, motorhome or camping holidays are aware of these drinks and will not be offended by such references. However, please take into account your own thoughts and those of your children if you intend to give them one of these journals.

“These are more than just travel journals. They are precious volumes of memories, of times and of places, of feelings and thoughts that we shared with loved ones, which are never to be forgotten.”

Carol Kaczor

Our Journals

We offer four dedicated travel journals for Caravan – choice of 2,
Motorhome and Camping – and full colour throughout.

Caravan Journal

Motorhome Journal

Camping Journal