Camping Journal

A unique journal that is full colour throughout especially created for your Camping family and friends, buy one for them and indeed for yourself…

The majority of us started our ‘camping’ life in a tent and oh how exciting it was! 

Getting out there, under canvas, in all weathers, back to basics and in tune with nature is an incredibly liberating feeling, that is so good for the mind and soul. 

Sitting out at night, with family and friends wrapped up snugly under the stars with a warm cosy camp fire crackling away. What better way to spend a few days to relax and unwind from the norm?

Unfortunately, those precious memories can so easily slip by – forgotten for ever, don’t let them slide into oblivion, grab your Camping Journal, a cuppa and your favourite pen and write about those amazing times while they are still fresh in your thoughts creating a volume of wonderful happy times had while camping.

So comforting to look back on over the coming months and years, reminding us of such happy content times – with more to come.

Here are some suggestions on how to use your new Camping Journal:
  • To help inspire and encourage you to write about your travels and adventures.
  • To record the journey, the route travelled and the camping site(s) you visited.
  • Mention new friends you met on site, or old friendships rekindled over a delicious meal.
  • Relive the fun and laughter, the times on the beach – and don’t forget to write about your pets too!
  • Write about places visited, what you did and the sights you saw.
  • Remind yourself in the future what you liked about your chosen site and would you return?
  • Give it a star rating – and would you recommend to others?
Keep your Journal to hand to write things down as they happen, while they are still fresh in your mind. That way you’ll be able to relive those times away, to bring a smile and a warm hug to your heart!
Camping Journal
Inside page from the Camping Journal
Counting Sheep
Inside page from the Camping Journal
A Windy Day
Inside page from the Camping Journal

The Journal Contains

A5 size book containing 74 pages

11 full colour images depicting the fun social side of camping

63 blank pages to record your travels and adventures

Features a map of British Isles

Printed on excellent quality card and paper

Laminated cover that is wipeable to retain its good looks

Try before you buy

We’re sure you’ll love the Caravan Journal, but why not try a free sample before you buy?  Simply click the link to download your own sample of the journal.